Guardian II – Earrings


Snake Head Serpent Earrings Animal Spirit/ Totem Inspired



Guardian II – Earrings

Snake Head Serpent Collection

Artisan Handcrafted Snake Head Serpent Earring(s)

Copyright 2019

**This listing is for the earrings without a stone only. Earrings can be purchased individually or as a pair. Please see my other listings for other available pieces.**

Snakes and serpents are one of the oldest, most complex symbols used in folklore, architecture and art worldwide, dating back to ancient times. They provoke fear as well as respect. In summary, they represent change, transformation, rebirth, life and death, immortality, fertility, sexual energy/ phallus, passion, healing, cleansing, eternal love, cosmos/ universal connection. For me they also represent mystery, intrigue and protection.

There is a whole lot of time, patience, skill and love that went into crafting the pieces that makeup my ‘Guardian’ snake head collection. Each piece is shaped, sawed, soldered, filed and polished, starting with raw materials. The substantial earrings are well constructed and made to last with proper care. You are given a choice of selecting solid sterling silver or a combination of copper (snake head) with a sterling silver backplate. The dimensional and highly detailed metalwork has been given a soft brushed satin finish with a black oxidized patina. I have used a professional grade wax sealer to help prevent air oxidation (tarnishing.) Although it is long lasting, it is not permanent. These are very comfortable to wear all day long, and will not wear heavy on your earlobes.

A few of the listing photos shows ‘Guardian II – Earrings’ paired with complimenting necklace pendants, and other earrings from this collection which are NOT included in this listing. The other listing photos are to give an idea as to how the earrings would look paired with such coordinating pieces. This listing is for earrings only. The other pieces are listed separately. The rock slabs that are seen in one of the listing photos is the type of Bloodstone Jasper rock material from which the cabochon stones were hand cut from for the other items within the ‘Guardian’ collection.

My photography was taken both indoors and outdoors in the natural, indirect light. Colors do vary according to lighting, and in addition they will appear slightly different on monitors and devices depending on personal settings. The listing photos don’t do justice for this pendant.

Measurements are approximate.
Overall Length 1.63″ (from the very top of the ear wire to the bottom of the earring
Widest 0.71″ tapering down to 0.36
**The ear wires are made of solid sterling silver**

Artisan Hallmark Stamped
Depending upon applicable earring: Stamped Sterling; and/or Copper

‘Guardian II – Earrings’ Will arrive in a gift box and packaged with class and care!

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individual, pair

type of metal

Sterling Silver, Copper & Sterling


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