Glistening Sandy Beach


Contemporary Nautical Beachy Sleek Pendant & Post Earrings Set Handmade Polish Flint Stone Mixed Metals Sterling Fine Silver.


“Glistening Sandy Beach”

Copyright 2017

Whenever I come across Polish Flint Stone, I can’t help but reminisce being on a relaxing, sandy beach! This beautiful, elegant stone from Poland really does visually resemble some type of seashell. It’s natural pattern flows so gracefully. I am quite fond of it’s gradient colors of warm white, with light, mid to darker taupe. The pendant’s striped stone is more of the focal point in this jewelry set since it possesses richer colors in comparison to that of the earrings. It’s a bit difficult to tell from looking at the photos, as photos never capture the true beauty, but the stones in the post earrings are more of the warm white color with very fine, ever so slighter darker contrasting taupe lines- so beautiful! The continuity flows perfectly! There is also something very calming about flint stone.

This large pendant and earring set is styled in a classic, timeless fashion. In addition to doing my own metalwork, I am a lapidary Artisan. I personally hand-cut ALL of the cabochons utilized in my creations! I gave this cabochon set a beautiful beveled cut, giving them a more structured and refined look. A thick bezel gives the pendant a substantial feel and look. The rock took a beautiful polish that catches light nicely! I felt the colors in this Polish Flint Stone were best complimented in a two tone metal mounting. The jeweler’s red brass, fine silver bezel and some solid sterling shot/ bead accenting on the pendant look fantastic. They remind me of little pearls.

I adore jeweler’s red brass, especially combined with solid sterling and fine silver! Jeweler’s red brass is not to be confused with standard, run of the mill brass! It is a super, super close visual match to solid 14kt yellow gold but without the ginormous, absorbent price tag of solid gold. Personally, I can’t tell the visual difference between the two! I gave the metalwork for the set a brushed finish on the backsides and a textured finish on the front sides that have a low luster glistening type of effect. I have sealed the metalwork with a jewelers professional grade product to help preserve the finish.

The pendant has a double hidden bail on the backside so as when worn it will have an intriguing ‘floating’ effect.
There are many great ways to wear this gorgeous, special eye catching set. The pendant would look great worn in a wide assortment of ways, such as paired with of course a wide, classic omega chain (as seen in some of the photos), a multi cord/ beaded necklace, a larger pearl necklace, etc.! However you choose, you will not be disappointed!

I photographed the pendant with a 0.24″ wide sterling silver omega necklace just to give a good visual as to how the pendant hangs. It does not include a necklace or chain. The photos do not do justice for this beautiful set! All of my photography is taken in my preference of the warmer afternoon natural lighting. Colors may vary slightly on monitors and devices.

The post earrings are lighter weight and very comfortable to wear, so they will not exhaust your ears lobes-

The following measurements are approximate:

Overall Length 1.65″
Widest .56″
Backside Double Bail Opening 0.47″ x 0.38″

Post Earrings with Clutch Backs:
Overall Length 1.45″
Widest 0.78″

Artisan Hallmark


“Glistening Sandy Beach” Will arrive in a gift box and packaged with class

USPS Priority Mail Standard; Tracking Number Included


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