Freedom of the Seas


Seahorse & Freshwater Pearls Green Blue Patina Oxidized Pendant Mixed Metals Bronze Copper Sterling Silver Ocean Beach Nautical Beachy Sea



“Freedom of the Seas”
Maritime Collection

MADE TO ORDER – Please allow up  to 2 weeks for production once order is placed.

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Little seahorse of the seas exudes mystery, calm, patience and wisdom. In ancient Greece and Rome, the seahorse was sacred to the sea Gods, Neptune and Poseidon. Seahorse images were used by sailors as a lucky charm or totem and were also said to serve as a guide to drowned sailors. They would safely lead departed souls through tumultuous waters to a spiritual vortex until they reached their ordained fate in the afterlife. Seahorses Spirit Animals have been said by Lightworkers to be a keeper of our past lives and of history. They are a creature of imagination, inventiveness, and whimsy. In nature, the male and female seahorses have an incredible partnership. The males carry the female’s eggs in tail pouch for about a month and a half until they are born. They are said to mate for life. When I was a very young child, my grandmother had a saltwater aquarium of nothing but seahorses! Watching them was nothing short of mesmerizing and magical.

This incredible handcrafted seahorse pendant is completely cold connected and uses no solder! A whole lot of time, patience and of course love went into making this very unique piece. It is the beginning of a new series that I refer to as my ‘Maritime’ collection! It consists of freshwater pearls, a faceted aquamarine gemstone bead, a beautiful verde patina on textured/ patterned metal, dark oxidized patina, three layers of mixed metals (mainly bronze, copper, and sterling silver for some of the rivets) and is completely hand riveted- whew! The hand-cut seahorse utilizes standoff rivets so that it gives a three dimensional appearance between it and the middle plate. The hidden open bail is an enhancer style and can simply slide/ hook onto a necklace; I do offer an option for a soldered on square wire bail (see pics.) I guarantee you will not find anything like this pendant unless it was copied (AKA inspired) from my design. It is truly unique and made to order. Considering how time consuming it is to make these, please allow an average of 2-3 weeks for completion. Because they are handmade, they will vary slightly and I may use something other than an aquamarine gemstone, unless you specifically want aquamarine, in addition to the freshwater pearls that will be used that come in a variety of color options as well, just let me know 🙂 In regards to the main back/ bottom plate and bail of the pendant, you will have a choice of bronze, red brass AKA Jeweler’s brass, or sterling silver for an upcharge. The patina on the middle plate will be done on a copper plate for the sole reason that a Verde patina takes outstanding on copper! Overall the piece has an elegant, sophisticated and somewhat rustic vibe. The metalwork has been sealed with a professional grade product to protect the finish (with the exception of the verde patina because it will change the color.) The pendant is virtually maintenance free (:

The pendant is a nice large size and has a substantial weight/ feel to it. A few of the photos shows it paired with a thin sterling silver omega necklace just to give a good visual as to how it hangs, along with a pearl necklace to exhibit a variance of style. This pendant does not include a chain or necklace. It would look great paired with a multi or single strand bead/ pearl necklace, a thick leather or a classic omega necklace. The pieces I create are truly and completely hand crafted by me. This very unique pendant is sure to gain compliments!
You will not be disappointed in this unique beauty! The photos just don’t do it justice. All of my photography is taken in my preference of the warmer late afternoon natural lighting. Colors may vary slightly on monitors and devices.

The following measurements are approximate:

Overall Length 3.15″
Widest 1.41″
Hidden Enhancer Style Open Bail; Opening 0.16″

Artisan Hallmark Etched


Will arrive in a gift box; packaged with class and care

USPS Priority Mail Standard; Tracking Number Included

Additional information

Type of Back Plate Metal

Sterling Silver, Jeweler's Red Brass, Bronze, Copper

Type of Seahorse Metal

Sterling Silver, Jeweler's Red Brass, Bronze, Copper


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