Eye of Ra


Natural Ocean Jasper Stone Sterling Silver Artisan Metalsmith Handmade Eye of Ra Ring Wide Band Oxidized Black Patina BOHO Size 8.25 8.5


“Eye of Ra”

Copyright 2017

The prized stone featured in this one of a kind handmade ring is beautiful orbicular ocean jasper from Madagascar! Ocean jasper has overall excellent metaphysical healing properties that encourage feelings of joy, and elevated spirits. It is great at centering, and helps one to alleviate negative feelings and to offer loving ones instead. This is a fantastic stone for those who tend to get depressed.

Ocean jasper comes in a beautiful array of colors and very interesting patterning. Colors of light taupe/ beige, creamy white, forest green with a dab of buttery yellow come together in harmony within an interesting lacey, wispy pattern. The stone’s ‘eye’ evoke a sense of mystery, adventure and a sort of wisdom. I thought it quite appropriate to title this piece “Eye of Ra”, as in the Egyptian God Ra. Possibly it will be a wearable token of protection and all knowing that there is so much more to this earthly realm and it’s sands of time.

I gave the stone a deep, beveled cut to really accentuate the orbicular ‘eye’ of the ocean jasper stone. I mounted it using fine silver sawtooth that perfectly hugs the cabochon stone. The solid sterling silver metalwork has a soft brushed satin finish that has been lightly oxidized to create a more dramatic atmosphere. The wide band is intricately adorned with a double row of sterling silver ball beads to accentuate the stone’s orbicular eye. It has a nice substantial feel and is super comfortable to wear.

This beautiful ring is sure to please and ignite some interesting conversations! The photos don’t do it justice.

Approximate Size: 8.5
Inner Ring Diameter Measured Across: 18.66 mm (0.735″)
Band Width: 9.70 mm (0.382″)
Cabochon Mounting: 22.74 mm (0.89″) x 0.74 mm (0.03″)

Artisan Hallmark Stamped
‘Sterling’ Stamped

I apologize, but this ring cannot be re-sized. Great news!: I can make you something similar 🙂

Please know your ring size for a WIDE style of band.
***Typically one will wear a larger size in a wide band versus what they would normally wear in a skinny/ narrow band***

“Eye of Ra” Will arrive in a gift box and packaged with class and care


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