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isa_760xn_37995338792_9wsqWith very deep, artistic family roots, I grew up in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood within the City of Dallas, Texas. I was engulfed in the arts as my mother was an accomplished professional artist and commercial illustrator in the City of Dallas, Texas. I attended many of her art shows in the Deep Ellum art district. My single mother worked a lot, so part-time I was split to live amongst my grandmother and her two sisters (my great aunts). Two of the sisters both lived in the City of Dallas, while the other owned and lived on a farm/ ranch just North of Dallas. The variety of the life style I experienced as a child was nothing short of extraordinary. Way back in the day, my late grandfather was an old time professional commercial neon glass artisan. He created a lot of the really cool neon artwork for businesses in Dallas and surrounding areas.

isa_760xn_37995329452_peboI attended both public and private schools: Saint Cecilia Catholic School, the Dallas Christian Academy, the Dallas Independent School System: Sidney Lanier Expressive Arts Vanguard, and W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy. As a child, I was a dance performer and regularly toured the DFW metroplex with my tap dance group.

My mother wanted a change from the fast city life of Dallas and its potentially ‘darker’ influences on a teenager, so she transitioned us to Santa Fe New Mexico while I was a freshman attending Mesquite High School. Shellshock; I always had an adventurous nature and had to make a colossal adjustment from the sleek downtown Dallas city night lights, to moving to rustic New Mexico, and having made friends on the San Ildefonso Pueblo. I graduated from Pojoaque High School and went on to attend college, spending one year at Adams State University in Colorado and the remaining five years at the University of New Mexico. I worked fulltime while attending college fulltime. I possess a uniquely diverse and very interesting background, rich in the Creative and Fine Arts. Those artistic endeavors and Southwest geographic origins have sculpted my creative expressions and who I am today.

isa_760xn_37995012068_9xsiThe expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas is crucially important for everyone to partake in and vital to humanity. It is the ultimate act of letting go and freeing the mind and soul. As an Artist, I yearn to translate deeper, more spiritual meanings through the representation of organic matter via creating jewelry and realism drawings. Creativity flows to me naturally and freely. I become so engulfed with the creative process that I am lost in time. The fine arts is my life’s passion. Capturing values of light and shadows yields a dramatic atmosphere as life is breathed onto paper with such intricate detail that it manifests into an unusual, realistic image captivating its audience!

The notecard images are derived from my original realism artwork that I draw free hand, using graphite pencil as my medium. I deeply adore the drama and romanticism captured by classic black and white. The images and ideas are solely mine and are generated from the great depths of my wildly active and highly graphic imagination! I do not trace nor do I use an image projector of any sort. That would be a violation of my ethics and strong beliefs as an Artist.

isa_760xn_1095136196_2gkqI have always had a deep love and respect for animals and the natural world, which I frequently portray in my subject matter and bring to life through my drawings. I also admire nature’s own artistry, displayed through the southwest desert’s breathtaking landscapes. This admiration has given me a strong gravitation towards the natural beauty, awe and splendor of rocks and fossils, so much that I am also a lapidary artisan. I truly enjoy transforming a rough rock that many wouldn’t give a second glance, into a beautifully cut and polished work of stone art to be set into metal. I work with exotic and specialty stones that originate from countries across the globe as well as domestic stones from the United States. I find rocks to be timeless, very grounding and have strong, amazing healing elements that are very beneficial to humans and animals. Often, I associate a specific rock to a memory, experience, dream, animal, scene, and or feeling that is summoned/ resonated within me. Each hand-crafted jewelry creation is a high quality, one of a kind wearable art piece!

If there is something you are interested in, a type of rock, color, pattern, idea, thought, gift, etc. and/ or have a special request for something, please feel free to let me know! I will also be happy to accommodate in making a payment plan/ arrangement for that special piece! I hope you enjoy your visit, and thank you for stopping by International Joy!


~ Joy Napier ~ International Joy